Income Report

My program start date: Jan 24th, 2020

Full transparency here. You won’t find me standing in front of a Lamborghini or a Beverly Hills mansion. No get rich quick, that doesn’t exist. Here’s a Youtube video about “The Rise of Fake Gurus“. My goal with SCD is to earn $3k per month in 2021. If you’re on my list, I try to send out a payday update email every Friday. Subscribe Here.

Number of positions purchased: 2 = 10 guaranteed paying members using postcards mailed by the company not me.

Current paid member status (Tier 1 = 25) (Tier 2 = 5)

The program I joined =

Why do I have more than 20 members on tier 1? I’m so passionate about SCD because it’s the only program I’ve ever made money with. So I’m very active in promoting SCD online. Even though I don’t need to. My first 10 sales were from the company, not me. But see, once I started receiving PayPal deposits, I wanted to spread the word to as many as possible. I use for my landing page and email list building. Also, pro members can submit 10 text ads. Of course, I also receive search traffic to this web site.

legitimate postcard making money system

I purchased two positions so I would receive ten members on tier one. When those ten receive there five, then I would then have fifty on tier two. So during 2021, I should see a nice monthly income. Keep in mind there are front end sales and then monthly sales. Here are my first ten front end sales.

Don’t forget….I did nothing for these sales. Postcards were mailed for me.

Starting in December 2020 I will be earning $350+ per month with the monthly commissions from tier 1. Also, because most of these are the older fast track memberships, these members will see their first-tier filled out in a few months. (fast track membership no longer available). I will also earn front-end commissions on my tier two. That means another 100 x $49.85 = $4,985…wow! Plus $1,9320 per month!

2021 Front end plus monthly commissions to date:

Startup = $0. Fees were in paid in 2020

Income = $1,438 – $40×3 monthly fee

Profit = $1,319

2020 Review:

Startup = $1,194

Income = $1,940.95

Total Profit 2020 = $795.55

This could be the start of your income. The longer you wait the longer it will take to grow your income. Best get started as soon as possible.