No Need to Advertise

paid to mail postcards

Apparently, a LOT of ya’ll still don’t get it…

The difference between advertising and guaranteed sales that is.

I get emails every single day asking if The Perfect System provides affiliate links so they can do their own advertising.

Why the heck would you want to do that!!!!???

Don’t you get it?… $597 for 5 guaranteed sales is the best deal on the planet!

If you tried this yourself, you could EASILY spend over $5000 getting 5 sales…


  • You have to do all the work yourself (buying and testing lists, printing, stuffing envelopes, addressing, applying postage, writing ads, placing ads, tracking results, building a list, testing everything, and sooooo much more I can’t even list it all here. Like an autoresponder follow up series).
  • You have to spend a ton of money to do all this.
  • Most people would spend way over $1000 to make just one sale in the $597 range.
  • There is no guarantee of you making any money at all much less a profit.
  • It is a very high risk undertaking.
  • Most people can’t do it right and fail.
  • The FTC says that 99% of all MLMers and opportunity seekers lose money.

Guaranteed Sales:

  • Absolutely no work involved.
  • One relatively low-cost advertising fee.
  • You are guaranteed RESULTS.
  • You will see success for a change.
  • Very low risk vs reward scenario.
  • No expertise needed. A 30+ year marketing expert will handle the details.
  • A little patience is all you need – there are no get rich quick schemes.