Postcards vs Solo Ads

postcard cash

I can see you’re already rolling your eyes! How costly right? Not even close. What does one usually pay on average for a real email solo click? $0.35 and up to over $1.00 from my experience? You can mail a fully printed postcard to a targeted list for as low as $.44 per postcard.

Now think about this before you write it off as costing so much more:

What are the chances of your solo email being the only one in someone’s inbox? Probably a better chance of Megan Fox becoming a nun right? The average biz opp person gets about 50+ emails per day. I would even go as far as saying double that for anyone person opting into dozens of offers per week.

So you can see how easy it is for your solo email to get lost in the sea of solo ad madness.

Do you realize the typical mailbox here in the US receives only 2 to 3 pieces of physical mail per day? So the odds of truly getting your postcard delivered on a day where you’re the sole piece of mail is really high.

And they HAVE to see it. No need to click and open an email. They have to physically hold your offer in their hands.

This becomes a 100% open rate! And people do save them. Stick them on the fridge. Tell others about it.

Think about how many emails you save every day? How many do you actually go back to? Close to Zero.

Don’t overlook postcard marketing. Try it once. Take that very same amount you’re close to blowing… err… umm… spending on a solo ad and just do ONE single postcard campaign. Compare the results.

What about a responsive address list. Well, that’s always the case, isn’t it? They have already spent thousands testing different lists. So this is your shortcut to success. Join their program and let them mail out the postcards to their lists. In turn, you’ll receive some nice deposits to your PayPal account. Your income is guaranteed.


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