Stock Market vs Postcards

So, the stock market is taking another nose dive this morning.

What you need to understand is that ALL the markets are manipulated these days.

Even gold is manipulated now.

Not too long ago, gold would have been through the roof in times like these.

I could go on and on about the sheepherders and the sheep people, but let’s just say that the sheepherders have the ability to drive the markets where they want them to go.

They have trusty sheepdogs to help them along the way.

They don’t sell in times of trouble – heck, they cause times of trouble.

They create the news and use it to their advantage.

They don’t sell at low prices – they buy low and sell high.

But they are greedy and they need you to voluntarily or not so voluntarily sell them your stocks.

What you are seeing is a good, old fashioned, shakeout.

They are aiming for your margin calls, stop-loss orders, and flat out scaring you to death until you sell them your stocks.

After the bloodbath, and they have all the stocks they could shake out of the sheep people, they will eventually start raising the prices again only at a time that they desire – could be 10 years from now.

So… let’s forget about all that for now.

In a normal stock market year, if you are good, you’ll get an average of 7% ROI (return on investment).

That’s what the best stock traders get.